Dan Mahony, CSL

Founder & President

Serving Atlanta, GA

I Can Help Provide You a Path to Consistent Sales Growth

As an Outsourced/Fractional VP of Sales I can deliver the process and results you expect. If you are ready to take the first step in creating a solid sales foundation, call or email me to schedule a FREE SALES CONSULTATION.

About Me

I am the President of Transcendent Sales Solutions, a company that empowers small and medium-sized businesses with tactical sales strategies. I am an agile, results-oriented and charismatic leader with a proven track record of turning underperforming sales teams into revenue-producing market leaders. I have a unique ability to create sales messaging and processes that increase revenue, decrease headaches, and provide order and definition in place of chaos and confusion.

I Do The Work For You

My goal is to drive sales growth. I do this with Sales Xceleration’s proven system that focuses on creating record-breaking sales for your company, defined in these 3 steps:

  • Create a Sales Plan
  • Find Your Best Customers
  • Grow Your Sales
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In my free time, I enjoy giving back to my local community in the following capacity:
  1. Elected Board Member and Secretary for my community Home Owners Association
  2. Table Setter, Child Nursery at North Metro Church Learn More


"“Working with Dan Mahony and the Transcendant Sales team has been a game changer for our company. He was able to lay the infrastructure we needed to radically alter the course of our sales organization. He aided everything from developing personas and a sales playbook, building a sale forecasting tool, and getting us in HubSpot CRM and into the 21st century. All of these activities and efforts will allow our firm to recruit additional business development talent and take our sales organization to the next level. We suggest our valuation clients use Dan and we’d highly recommend you do too.”"

- David Hern, CEO

"“Dan has worked with our company in training sales leaders, modifying sales processes, consolidating price books, the voice of customer interviews, and as a fractional VP of Sales. During his time with us, we saw great improvements in leadership, accountability, communication, and general processes. We implemented key tools for reviewing and improving rep behavior. Ultimately, Dan took the load off me and set our team up for success. I highly recommend Transcendent Sales Solutions to any leader looking for quick and positive results for their sales teams.”"

- Attly Aycock, CEO

"“Dan worked with our company to identify processes and personnel that were just not getting results. He quickly assessed and implemented a plan of action that immediately changed our efficiency and capabilities. The outstanding consequences were of such great success that we’ve now exceeded every sales goal we’ve ever set. Thank you Dan for helping us! “"

- Brett Brocki, Founder

"“The Certified Sales Leadership Training (CSL) program facilitated by Dan Mahony has accelerated my career growth exponentially. The certification honed my leadership skills and added to my ability to create and document successful practices and methods. The Certified Sales Leadership program also helped me identify and implement corrective actions of needed improvements within my team and ensured measurability across all areas of our sales department to focus on accountability, leading to overall revenue growth. Working with Dan has fine-tuned my ability to build a successful team the right way and sustain it through the concepts introduced in the CSL certification program. Dan has become a friend and mentor who continues to helps me to grow my leadership skills and career through successful sales leadership. “"

- Eric Stephens, Sales Leader

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Industry Expertise
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Software (SaSS)
  • Professional Servives
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales Consulting
  • Fractional Sales Leadership
  • Sales Leadership Development
  • Strategic Selling- Complex Deal Cycles
  • Sales Coaching
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I understand that leading and growing your company is hard work. Many business leaders don't have the time or the energy they need to grow their sales and put a strategy in place that will work for years to come. If you are tired of not having a clear path, it's time to take the next step and partner with a sales leader who has been down the road before and can guide you to sales success. Get started today!