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Steve Harrison, CSL

President & Founder

Serving Cumming, GA

About Me

I bring substantial experience and expertise in executive sales consulting to serve businesses in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I am a results-focused sales management professional dedicated to bringing superior focus and top results to businesses in need of sales leadership. I am the President and founder of Focused Growth Sales Group, LLC, an Atlanta sales consulting firm. I draw upon my 25+ years of experience as a top-producing Senior Sales Executive to help clients increase sales revenue for continuing success. With expertise creating successful sales and marketing strategies in ultra-competitive markets, I am also a turnaround specialist creating high-growth operations through strategic planning and operational execution.

I Do The Work For You

My goal is to drive sales growth. I do this with Sales Xceleration’s proven system that focuses on creating record-breaking sales for your company, defined in these 3 steps:

  • Create a Sales Plan
  • Find Your Best Customers
  • Grow Your Sales
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How I Serve My Community in Cumming Georgia
  1. In the county where we live, there are 8,000 children who do not have enough food to eat, so my wife and I volunteer in our church's food pantry delivery.
  2. I enjoy mentoring individuals who are searching for their next job opportunity.
  3. I volunteer as a greeter for services at my church because I like putting a smile on the faces of church attendees
  4. My wife and I support the local Co-Op that supplies food, employment aid, and spiritual support to those in need.
  5. Because we believe that our community stretches far beyond the boundaries of the US, we support international ministries that supply food, water, education and spiritual teaching to children in need in other countries.


"I had the pleasure of working with Steve for almost 10 years, reporting directly to him for three of those. His tremendous influence on my professional development and any successes I've had are difficult to put into words. He is a mentor, educator, leader, and occasionally that much-needed voice of reason. I first met Steve early in my career and eager to learn. What I remember most from our initial interactions was the time he was willing to put in to help with even the smallest of questions regardless of how busy he was. I can honestly say over the last ten years I have left every conversation with Steve smarter than I was when I walked in. While he may be the smartest person in the room, what sets him apart is that he also cares more than anyone in the room. Genuinely cares for the company, his clients, the people lucky enough to work with him and their success. He quickly becomes a mentor to so many, including me. Steve immediately earns the respect of everyone around him. His industry knowledge and proven sales expertise are outweighed only by his work ethic, resiliency, and sense of humor. His leadership style can be fluid and change based on the needs of his employees and the company’s landscape. He’s supported and guided me through a $12MM negotiation, showed some honest, tough love when needed and motivated his team better than anyone I’ve seen. His positive impact will be felt immediately wherever he chooses to go."

- Kathryn LaRocca, Director, Beverage Division at Rehrig Pacific Company

"Nobody works harder than Steve Harrison. In addition to his dedication to duty, Steve is honest, smart, loyal and empathetic. During Steve’s 33+ year career with Rehrig Pacific Company, he naturally created a long list of loyal employees he officially and unofficially mentored, including me. People immediately warm to his good nature, integrity, and sense of humor, as well as respect his determination and grit. The irony is he and I worked for each other during our careers. Steve worked for me in two different capacities: Sales Manager and National Account Manager to Anheuser-Busch and Dean Foods. As Sales Manager, he created a highly trained and cohesive team that never missed budgeted goals. As a National Account Manager Steve was highly respected by his customers because of his creativity and tenacity to always deliver value. Later in our careers when Steve and I were peers, he earned a promotion to Senior Vice President of Sales, a position we both wanted. Our relationship never changed, Steve treated me with the exact same respect whether I was his boss, his peer or his direct report. As the SVP of Sales of a $.5 Billion organization, he provided transparency for good decision-making, removed obstacles, deflected organizational distractions, and delivered highly focused training that created a go-to-market sales and customer service team(s) set up for success."

- Brain Lindell, Tax Specialist at RSM US LLP

"I had the privilege of working with Steve throughout the last 17 years at Rehrig Pacific Company. Most recently, I reported to him when he was the Senior Vice President of Sales. I worked for many senior leaders throughout my career at Rehrig and simply put, Steve is the leader I will remember the most. Steve brought out the best in me and every person he managed throughout his 32 year tenure at Rehrig Pacific Company. While his cross industry expertise, business & financial acumen were greater than anyone in the company, he always knew how to lead, coach and manage depending on the situation. This leadership style empowered people and always provided them with a purpose. The end result was countless years of significant revenue, profit and human capital growth. Steve’s vision for the future led the sales organization through several transformational changes such as a new, value engagement sales process, several structure realignments, servant leadership and marketing overhauls that were necessary to continue differentiating Rehrig from the competition. There aren't many leaders who can adjust as often as Steve did while achieving profit goals and continuing to inspire everyone around him.Steve relates well with every level at any organization due to his high intellectual and emotional intelligence. He will excel at any executive leadership opportunity he decides to pursue and would also be a tremendous asset as a board member."

- Blair Chastain, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, NA at IPL Innovative Packaging Leaders

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