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Brian Berkowitz


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About Me

I am the founder of Blue Ocean Sales Strategies, LLC, a Fort Lauderdale area sales consulting firm. I specialize in building a sales strategy and sales process that best align with the client’s business goals. I am passionate about helping business owners and executives build an effective and sustainable sales structure. I have more than 20 years of sales leadership experience and continues to transform sales teams through mentoring, strategic planning, and sales tools that drive revenue growth. My multi-industry background has included building Sales and Business Development teams with Fortune 500 & FTSE 100 companies, as well as guiding small entrepreneurial businesses. In leadership positions at the regional, national, and global levels, I've driven double-digit sales growth throughout my career, overseeing P&L responsibility from $1M to over $30M. I am also experienced in managing mergers and acquisitions, having been involved in multiple acquisitions throughout my career. As an outsourced Fort Lauderdale area sales consultant and licensed Sales Xceleration Advisor, I leverage the power of Sales Xceleration’s proven sales growth and sales management systems to help small and medium-sized businesses increase sales and boost profits for sustainable sales performance. I currently reside in Parkland, FL with my wife and two young daughters, and I love traveling with my family.

I Do The Work For You

My goal is to drive sales growth. I do this with Sales Xceleration’s proven system that focuses on creating record-breaking sales for your company, defined in these 3 steps:

  • Create a Sales Plan
  • Find Your Best Customers
  • Grow Your Sales

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Face the Future with Confidence

I understand that leading and growing your company is hard work. Many business leaders don't have the time or the energy they need to grow their sales and put a strategy in place that will work for years to come. If you are tired of not having a clear path, it's time to take the next step and partner with a sales leader who has been down the road before and can guide you to sales success. Get started today!