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As an Outsourced/Fractional VP of Sales I can deliver the process and results you expect. If you are ready to take the first step in creating a solid sales foundation, call or email me to schedule a FREE SALES CONSULTATION.

About Me

I have almost 30 years’ experience in sales, focusing my efforts in media, healthcare technology and training platforms. Most of my roles have included the opportunity to build sales organizations from the ground up as well as identify the go-to-market strategy for their products.I am humbled to bring a unique set of skills to my customers through my diverse background in sales, marketing, leadership and training. I have worked with Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, my passion for helping businesses grow has always been my driving force. It’s on this foundation, that I help businesses evolve the way they sell.

I Do The Work For You

My goal is to drive sales growth. I do this with Sales Xceleration’s proven system that focuses on creating record-breaking sales for your company, defined in these 3 steps:

  • Create a Sales Plan
  • Find Your Best Customers
  • Grow Your Sales
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"Our goal with the sales process at Think Data Insights is to find customers who want to partner with our team in building quality analytics solutions and programs, and to deliver this in a manner which leaves our customers saying "Wow." Very often, our sales process in itself was simply lacking the "Wow" factor, often struggling in the mechanics of the sales pipeline. We brought Lisa and Sales Chameleon in to help us take our sales strategy and processes to the "next level" and she did not disappoint. Lisa helped us create a planning process to establish sales targets based on actual data, and a tactical plan on how to achieve those targets. She established compensation plans for our sales team, and even helped us refine our pipeline management process to ensure we were qualifying and getting client buy-in earlier in the process. Lisa truly helped us transform how we approach finding the right client partners to deliver our solutions to. I would recommend her in any scenario where you a ready to take your sales process to the next level."

- Ken Raetz, Think Data Insights

"I've had the pleasure of watching Lisa deftly manage delicate problems and directly confront difficult ones, and learned something at every turn. She's a genuine pleasure to work with."

- Dustin Ballard, Blackbox Realities

"I would like to take a few moments to express my gratitude for your contribution to the Whole Care team, and Sales process. Well, not only a contribution, but the creation of, the process, the organization of the Sales Team, the tracking process, the accountability………………….. and on and on! You have brought such value to our organization. When we first met, I knew I was not equipped nor did I desire to manage/coach a Sales Team. I was attempting to do this out of necessity and was failing fast. The discovery process was great, it confirmed I didn’t know what I was doing, and didn’t have any business attempting running a Sales team as a CEO. I thought I should be able to do this and didn’t feel confident at all as a result. I was willing, at least, for you to complete the discovery phase and help me understand what exactly I might need to focus on to grow into being a Sales Team leader. I really didn’t understand that what you were offering was a service to manage this for us. And when that was an option, I was relieved. This created a solution to me, my company and the Sales team which brought a comfort level for me to have confidence in our ability to move forward with someone at the helm who knew what they were doing! Your professionalism, creativity, knowledge, and expertise in systems, processes, and agenda items we needed were extremely helpful. We are a much more productive and professional company as a result. We experienced double digit growth in most areas of the business because of the systems you bring with Sales Xceleration. We still are working on some of these areas however we didn’t even know they were opportunities for growth until you pointed them out. We are set to have an exceptional year in 2018, and you are to THANK for this!"

- Elizabeth Moss, Caregivers by Wholecare

"I have been working with Lisa for almost a year now in my new role as Director of Sales. While I was not new to a sales manager role, I was learning an entirely new industry in addition to joining a new organization. Under Lisa's guidance, I was able to set attainable goals, develop new prospects and work systematically to prevent becoming overwhelmed. Lisa's approach is direct, but supportive. She will work with you to create the actions necessary to succeed, then she will hold you accountable for completing them. I am forever grateful that I was able to work with Lisa and would recommend her to anyone looking to profoundly improve their sales leadership abilities!"

- Audrey Guest, Hester & Cook

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I understand that leading and growing your company is hard work. Many business leaders don't have the time or the energy they need to grow their sales and put a strategy in place that will work for years to come. If you are tired of not having a clear path, it's time to take the next step and partner with a sales leader who has been down the road before and can guide you to sales success. Get started today!