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Yovany Jerez

Fractional VP Sales

Serving Los Angeles, CA

I Can Help Provide You a Path to Consistent Sales Growth

As an Outsourced/Fractional VP of Sales I can deliver the process and results you expect. If you are ready to take the first step in creating a solid sales foundation, call or email me to schedule a FREE SALES CONSULTATION.

About Me

I love doubling top & bottom revenue, optimizing marketing ROI, and have a passion for motivating/training Teams into high performers. As a lifelong athlete, I work with an unbending belief in the power of Team and a fierce commitment to bringing out the best in each player.

I Do The Work For You

My goal is to drive sales growth. I do this with Sales Xceleration’s proven system that focuses on creating record-breaking sales for your company, defined in these 3 steps:

  • Create a Sales Plan
  • Find Your Best Customers
  • Grow Your Sales
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Organizations I Support
  1. I love the outdoors! Especially when doing purpose-driven treks that benefit the orphaned and at-risk children who live in the shadows of the world’s most coveted adventure destinations. My family and I were the recipients of various charitable people, and it is crucial to pay it forward. Trekking for Kids
  2. I am a huge champion of STEM and mentoring the next generation of young people. Technology has an established record of launching individuals and societies into the future. The vast majority of future challenges will be solved by the STEM-educated. Junior Achievement
  3. Financial Literacy can lift an entire generation into economic success and stability. Being broke is an economic situation but, being poor is a disabling frame of mind that shrinks the Spirit and drowns with cynicism. Take back the financial reigns of your Life. Operation Hope


"I have known Yovany and partnered with him numerous times over the last decade. He is a dedicated, driven, hard-working individual who brings an incredible level of talent to each opportunity. He has a contagious positivity and passion for work and for life. Yovany is tremendous at building relationships whether with a single individual or a far reaching cross-functional team. He is a top performer who consistently cultivates and delivers dynamic business solutions. Yovany has a brilliant mind and high-quality character."

- Mark Van Zant, MS, LPC

"I had the pleasure of working with Yovany during his years of service to the Goizueta Foundation Grant Advisory Board, a group of community and corporate leaders that guides Goizueta Business School’s strategic initiatives to identify, attract, and enroll top-notch MBA candidates. Yovany is innovative, creative, and broad-minded. He lends these traits enthusiastically to any cause he serves and is the quintessential Servant Leader."

- Rebbecca Kaplan, PhD

"Yovany has been an extremely powerful and effective training leader. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious and are sure to create an upbeat, exciting, and interactive learning experience. He also has the ability to communicate complex ideas and information in a way that is easy to comprehend. All the while, he is able to do this in a humble manner that makes it feel as if I am working with and learning from a friend, as opposed to a superior."

- Sam Wilke

"Yovany is a wonderful example of professionalism and influence as a manager. Yovany is dedicated to truly raising up young sales professionals to communicate value to customers and give them the best experience possible. Yovany is an expert at establishing authentic relationships and constantly encourages those around him to strive for the greatness within them. Yovany shows with ease the benefits of demonstrating how powerful a positive impact can have on businesses and customers. His business knowledge is second to none and he is a Servant Leader that not only wants to share knowledge but also impart wisdom to the whole sales process."

- McCray West

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Face the Future with Confidence

I understand that leading and growing your company is hard work. Many business leaders don't have the time or the energy they need to grow their sales and put a strategy in place that will work for years to come. If you are tired of not having a clear path, it's time to take the next step and partner with a sales leader who has been down the road before and can guide you to sales success. Get started today!