Sean O'Shaughnessey

CEO and President

Serving Greater Cincinnati, OH

I Can Help Provide You a Path to Consistent Sales Growth

As an Outsourced/Fractional VP of Sales I can deliver the process and results you expect. If you are ready to take the first step in creating a solid sales foundation, call or email me to schedule a FREE SALES CONSULTATION.

About Me

At New Sales Expert LLC, we help small to mid-size businesses put their sales teams back on track by accelerating revenue growth.

You currently use a Fractional Chief Financial Officer to get the advice of an expert; you should use a Fractional Vice President of Sales for the same reason. You need expert help from extremely skilled people at probably the most critical part of your business: your revenue growth.

Committed to our customer's long-term success, New Sales Expert LLC delivers revenue growth by creating and implementing sales strategy, process, and sustained execution. We are accomplished sales experts dedicated to bringing superior focus and top results to businesses in need of sales leadership. We work with a wide range of industries. We accelerate revenue growth and build transferable value. We create the right sales strategy, implement a repeatable sales process, hire and develop the best people, and institute sustained sales execution.

As a Fractional Vice President of Sales, New Sales Expert LLC helps your company achieve breakthrough sales growth.


  • Assess your current sales team and the processes and tools that support them
  • Work onsite leading, developing & coaching your sales team
  • Install a winning strategy, best practices, and metrics to increase sales effectiveness
  • Evaluate and hire your sales talent with a compensation structure to drive revenue growth
  • Build sales plans, effective CRM practices, and long-term revenue forecasting
  • Define your sales process, best customers, and more

  • Work on a fractional basis each week to your sales organization
  • Deliver under a written and detailed Scope of Work with schedules and timelines that clearly describe the discipline, accountability, and infrastructure to grow revenue
  • Create accountability, discipline, and a culture for success

    Please connect with me here on LinkedIn or email me at or on our site at

  • I Do The Work For You

    My goal is to drive sales growth. I do this with Sales Xceleration’s proven system that focuses on creating record-breaking sales for your company, defined in these 3 steps:

    • Create a Sales Plan
    • Find Your Best Customers
    • Grow Your Sales
    Get Immediate Tips on Turning Your Sales Around
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    Industry Expertise
    • Technology
    • Software
    • New Product Introduction
    • Cloud Computing
    • Fractional Sales Management
    • Forecasting
    • Strategic Planning
    • Product Development
    • Solution Selling
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    Face the Future with Confidence

    I understand that leading and growing your company is hard work. Many business leaders don't have the time or the energy they need to grow their sales and put a strategy in place that will work for years to come. If you are tired of not having a clear path, it's time to take the next step and partner with a sales leader who has been down the road before and can guide you to sales success. Get started today!

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